AXYS Industrial Solutions, Secondary Products, Coproducts, Byproducts

Reduce Operational Costs. Find New Revenues. Protect the Environment.

AXYS will review your products, operations and low value streams to find areas where we can make improvements either through less-expensive products, modification of operations or alternatives to waste disposal and/or a combination of all the above.

Sample of Wide Spec Chemicals and Chemical Blends






Meet with plant personnel to uncover opportunities for improvement.

Review processes, product streams,
waste streams and operations.

Discuss internal resources.

Review existing documentation such as waste profiles, MSDS, specification sheets, analysis and process diagrams.

Request and analyze samples to determine best options. Evaluate regulatory, storage and logistics.


Propose possible end use application, choice of options or other solutions.

Present Offer or Letter of Intent.

  Confirm terms and conditions of the commercial agreement.

Perform due diligence such as financial assurance or site audit, as required, prior to shipment.

Ensure regulatory compliance, product stewardship and successful movement of every shipment in a reliable, timely and safe manner.  

Begin product movement.


AXYS can help you improve operational efficiency and increase revenues by finding markets for secondary products and reducing your expensive waste disposal.

Services include:

  • Secondary Product Marketing & Distribution
  • Co-Product & By Product Re-use
  • Materials Re-Claim & Recycling
  • Waste-to-Product Conversion
  • Complex Environmental & Regulatory Review

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